The Little Moments

By: Adam Bankhurst

6:25 am.

Wake up. Hit snooze.

6:34 am.

Wake up again. Get out of bed.

I don’t know what it is about those nine minutes, but I thank the heavens each and every day for them. It’s such a small, negligible addition to my slumber, but waking up knowing I have another nine minutes of no responsibility is surprisingly refreshing.

As I get up and continue my cookie cutter day, I look forward to moments similar to the infamous “snooze.” These are sprinkled throughout the next 16 or so hours until I am welcomed back into my way-too comfortable bed. They break up an otherwise monotonous repetition that never seems to really change.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I dislike my life or anything. I just feel as if I’m stuck.

Ah well, enough wallowing.

As I get into my ’01 Mazda 626, lovingly called “sprinkles”, I partake in my second “moment” of the day, podcasts.

I have about a 27-minute drive to work on a good day with little traffic. While this would upset many a people, this time is all about catching up on my favorite audio shows. They range from “This American Life” to “The Talking Dead” and all keep me company throughout traffic jams, bad weather, and anything else that comes our way.

Today, Ira Glass is narrating a story of a man who attempted to walk across the country with no possessions. It’s quite fascinating.

However, before I get to the end of the segment I pull up to the office that unwillingly draws me to it every morning.

Paxton Advertising was founded by John Paxton 1962. He was a true visionary and created a fairly successful company in the decades that followed. As of late, things haven’t been going so well for the company, but they always find a way to stay afloat.

I am a copy writer and am currently working on an ad campaign for a car dealership owned by Jim Karol, a former all-state football player back in high school. Although he graduated years before me, he has yet to give up his glory days. This is abundantly clear as the ad I’m working on evokes said accomplishments.

Ah well, to each his own.

My morning is pretty uneventful and I actually catch up on a lot of work, which is nice. Before I know it I look down at my Mickey Mouse watch, and see his legendary hands telling me it is 12:58 pm.

Only two more minutes until temporary freedom, a.k.a. lunch. Today I think I will run to Chipotle. Some say I eat there too much, but I really don’t care. Those burritos never get old and enjoying my lunch while catching up on the latest gossip on my iPhone is a moment I never wish to pass up.

I wind down my work and get to a good stopping point and get up to leave just as my boss, Erin, walks by.

“Lucy, what are you doing right now?” She asks inquisitively.

She knows damn well what I’m doing. “I was just about to head to lunch. Did you need something?”

“Jim is coming in and wants to talk to our team about a new campaign he wants to run, I’d really like you to sit in.”

Well…I guess that majestic burrito will have to wait.

“Sure thing! Just let me get my notes and laptop.” I say as I turn to grab my things.

I walk over to my desk to grab the essentials when I notice a new e-mail that is tempting my attention. I grab my iPhone and can only imagine what company is trying to woo me with some special deal or sale. I get so many of them during the day. I should probably start unsubscribing from…




Subject: Application Status for Jr Publicist – Disney Motion Pictures

Dear Lucy,

Disney Motion Pictures is pleased to offer you the position of Jr Publicist. Your skills and background make you a perfect fit, and we couldn’t be happier to offer you this opportunity.


I don’t…

I can’t even finish reading before tears start streaming down my face. My lifelong dream of working at Disney is a reality.

I need to pinch myself. Make that a few pinches.

While the pinching proved to me this was real, it also reminded me I still have an obligation to this job! I must hold in this excitement a little longer.

I pick up my laptop and notes and more or less float over to the conference room. Let’s face it, I’m on cloud nine.

I walk into the conference room as the rest of my team arrives. I take a seat in the back and just sit. I know I should be paying attention, but…well…I can’t.

All I can think about are those moments.

Every snooze button, every podcast, and every chipotle has helped me get to where I am today. Life is not always full of joy, and we all need to find those things that put a smile on our face, even for a fleeting moment.

Sometimes we take for granted those things that get us through to our next victory, but they are some of the most important.

Ok, back to reality for a moment.

The meeting lasts about 45 minutes, and all I got from it was that Jim was good at football and wants to sell some cars. Pretty standard stuff.

Now, time to celebrate.

1:50 pm.

I dance through the hallway. In all honesty, all the strange looks and passing (soon-to-be-ex) co-workers don’t faze me one bit.

Life is good and I just scored a victory.

Then, I think to myself; I haven’t had the one moment that means the most to me yet.

I pick up the phone and call my parents.

“Hello, sweetheart.” The greatest of all voices responds, the one voice that has gotten me through all my ups and downs.

“Mom, I have something amazing to tell you.”

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