The Walking Dead: “The Grove” Review


By: Adam Bankhurst

Are you mad at me? Is that what you wanted to talk to me about? I’m sorry I pointed my gun at you!Lizzie

I’m sorry I pointed my gun at you…

Of all the actual and pondered atrocities committed by this poor girl, pointing her gun at Carol is what Lizzie thought her biggest mistake was. After murdering her sister in cold blood and threatening to do the same to Judith next, Lizzie left our heroes little choice as to how to handle her.

This week’s Walking Dead held no punches and gave us one of the most heartbreaking and brutal looks into this already horrifying post-apocalyptic world. I want to recap the entire episode, but I just can’t wait any longer to discuss the event that kept me in a state of shock long after the credits rolled.

Not only did Lizzie murder Mika to “show” that she would come back and not harm them, but we then had to witness Carol turn around and murder Lizzie because, let’s be honest, there was no other alternative.

Lizzie-fed-the-rats-on-the-Walking-DeadLizzie, as we’ve seen throughout this season, is truly messed up. For whatever reason, she feels for the walkers and doesn’t truly comprehend the inherent danger they pose. This came to the forefront this week as we immediately are introduced to her playing TAG WITH A WALKER. If that wasn’t a creepy introduction to The Walking Dead, I don’t know what is. (Side note: I LOVED that they used Maybe by The Ink Spots. It brought back so many happy memories of Fallout 3.)

Lizzie just has no comprehension of her actions. She felt no remorse and didn’t even realize that what she did was horribly wrong. We see throughout the episode her sympathizing with the zombies and after Carol killed her ” tag friend” she completely lost it.

In a world such as this, especially one where you must care for an infant child, you have to be extremely careful of your company. How can Carol and Tyreese possibly trust to even turn their back for a moment with her around? As awful as it is to have to put a bullet in the head of a child, the consequences of not doing said heinous act are exponentially greater.

I thought for a moment, why not just leave her instead of ending her life right then and there? Well, a couple things come to mind. She could, eventually, find her way back to them and then they would be in the same situation. Alternatively, is it really a better fate to let her ignorance get the better of her and be eaten alive by a zombie?


In a decision with no good solution, I believe Carol and Tyreese made the right one. This also fits in with Carol’s confession to Tyreese that she, in fact, had murdered Karen and David. All that matters is what’s best for the group. The world they live in is awful and each day is a struggle, and Carol is not afraid to make the decisions to ensure that she and those she cares about live to breath another day.

Tyreese ends up forgiving, yet not forgetting, and it was very touching. It felt very real and believable, especially after Tyreese witnessed what Carol just went through earlier that day. If Carol would have told him before, I’m not so sure how well it would have flown. Circumstances change our opinions, and when there is new information, there also may be a new decision. Also, I’m not sure Tyreese could handle losing three members of his group in the matter of hours, it would just be too much to handle.

I want to step back and give Mika a moment of silence.

Poor, sweet, innocent, Mika.

She was so pure of heart, and that was indeed her downfall. In a world as ruthless as this, those who don’t conform to its ways are eaten alive. We see throughout this episode her integrity and moral character in her desire to preserve life, even that of a deer. We obviously didn’t see the final moments of Mika, but I have no doubts she stayed true to her beliefs to the very end.

Mika and Lizzie

All in all, I have to give it to those who made this episode possible. They are bold, take risks, and aren’t afraid to shock us. Killing one child is bad enough, but two? Brutal.

With only two episodes left in this season, who knows what will happen? Everyone is on their way to Terminus and I don’t know why, possibly this shows track record, but something tells me it may not be as pleasant they may be hoping.

Nothing ever is in this universe.

Episodes like this prove why The Walking Dead has such appeal and success. In a show about zombies and gore, what truly shines are the characters and the moments we share with them. Sure, we all love a good decapitation time and again, but we tune in every week to see how normal people survive in impossible situations.

Even if only for an hour a week, we get to look through a lens into a world none of us would never want to inhabit, but one we are fascinated seeing play out from the comfort of our couch.

The Grove may be one of the best stories this show has told to date. It was brutal and uncompromising in its vision and once again showed us no one is safe, not even the most innocent of children.

R.I.P. Lizzie and Mika. This world was not kind on you, and I can only hope you find peace in the next.

What did you think of The Grove? Did Carol make the right decision, or should she have kept Lizzie alive? What do you think will happen when they inevitably get to Terminus?

Let me know below, I would love to hear your thoughts!

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